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VIO VIPER ROOM SHOW w/Super Funky TRON’s, Dawg on bass.  Please enjoy the photos and video clip!

BRASH3R interactive

VIO with SuperFunkyTRON LIVE 7/3/13

Nothing like connecting with a crowd . . .

Suicide Doors – Chris Shaw Intro

Client – Suicide Doors and Chris Shaw needed a promotional/introduction video.  This is what Brash3r from Super Funky Tron made:


Client – Artful Dodger

Artful Dodger’s Oxymmorons – Padded Sky Music Video

Client – Tokyo Ty (Ty Budda)

Tokyo Ty (Ty Buddha) Trailer created to debut Tokyo Ty’s music career

Choose Your Own Path Video!!

CHoose your own adventure Video!Choose your own adventure video!!

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