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VIO VIPER ROOM SHOW w/Super Funky TRON’s, Dawg on bass.  Please enjoy the photos and video clip!



Vibrations resonate within sound, color, time and space.  These vibrations are also forms of energy in one way or another.  Consequently, EVERYTHING is a form of energy AND vibration, thus making everything ONE collective entity.

This means the more positive action we infuse into our lives, the more the entire World becomes free of War, fear, pain, greed and all things negative.

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Super Funky TRON Live 7/24/13 !!

Super Funky Tron’s – Dawg and Brash3r perform at “The Other Door” in North Hollywood with Special Musical Guest, “Mary Tiger Moore”.

Thanks to everyone that came out.  You were A-Mazing!!  Please enjoy the Photos, shot by the very special and very incredible, Carrie Cavalier Dawg does it Live

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Super Funky TRON – LIVE – 8/29/13

Super Funky TRON – Lights up the stage at another awesome open mic night at Dave’s on Broadway!!


Super Funky TRON – LIVE 8/24/13

Super Funky TRON attends and performs at LA NORML August Meeting – Rock City Railroad, Hollywood

Make Change by BE-ing the Change.  🙂

Super Funky TRON – Live 8/17/13 – All Night Long Party!!

The open mics from previous nights earned Super Funky TRON a Saturday night, all night long party at Dave’s on Broadway!!

Super Funky Tron 8/10/13

Super Funky TRON performs at the Occupy Fights Foreclosure BBQ!! 


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