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The Gathering

On a day that only happens ONCE in 26,000 YEARS, please enjoy a little story on how we Gathered:

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Meditation Music

Please close your eyes and don’t open them until the song is done. Your mind will enjoy quite the ride.



Vibrations resonate within sound, color, time and space.  These vibrations are also forms of energy in one way or another.  Consequently, EVERYTHING is a form of energy AND vibration, thus making everything ONE collective entity.

This means the more positive action we infuse into our lives, the more the entire World becomes free of War, fear, pain, greed and all things negative.

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One Step

One step goes a long way . . .

Foetry Book!! Miscarriage of Justice #1

Our friend Melissa “White Chocolate” Balin put out a Foetry, yes with an F, Foetry Book.  Super Funky Tron shot and edited this video to help her out.  Now it’s YOUR turn to help out.  PLEASE HELP.

July 4th Freedom Video!

Dawg fights for Freedom, from the inside . . . 

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