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The Gathering

On a day that only happens ONCE in 26,000 YEARS, please enjoy a little story on how we Gathered:

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Birth of Street Baseball, Brashball Style

Happy New Year!! We’re starting out the year with a video showing how a new sport called Brash Ball was born . . .

Client – Cilantro

Cilantro Mexican Grill had no web presence. Superfunkytron saved the day by making a website, all social media pages and this commercial:

Known you forever (Who- David Byrne & St.Vincent Remix)

BRASH3R interactive

VIO with SuperFunkyTRON LIVE 7/3/13

Nothing like connecting with a crowd . . .

Suicide Doors – Chris Shaw Intro

Client – Suicide Doors and Chris Shaw needed a promotional/introduction video.  This is what Brash3r from Super Funky Tron made:


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